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Jan 14, 2017

Beyond watches and chocolate: President Xi's visit to boost Swiss-China trade


President Xi's visit to boost Swiss-China trade

By CGTN's Martina Fuchs

In the cultural melting pot of Beijing, Peter Troesch, general manager of the restaurant “Swiss Taste”, is eager to deliver something he's found lacking in the Chinese capital: an authentic taste of Switzerland.

“We offer cooking classes to tell people about Swiss food, to let them experience how to make the food and eat it… I think through food you can promote the country very well,” he said.

But the relationship between China and Switzerland extends far beyond the taste buds.

Switzerland might be a small, landlocked nation of just 7 million people, but its relations with China have been flourishing, especially since the two signed a Free Trade Agreement that came into force in 2014. It was the first such deal inked between China and a country in Europe.



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