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Jan 09, 2016

A storm brewing in the coffee cup

By XU JUNQIAN in Shanghai(China Daily USA)

Alfonso Troisi, the country manager of Nespresso China says that though the coffee market in China is still relatively young, the growth potential is undoubtedly immense. provided to china daily

Nespresso looks poised to capitalize on the fast-growing market in China where consumers prefer to drink coffee in the comforts of their homes

For Alfonso Troisi, the country manager of Nespresso China, the decision to not use the brand's global ad campaign featuring George Clooney wasn't a hard one to make as he believes that the Chinese market is still not mature enough to relate to the Hollywood celebrity's musings about the product.

With more than ten years of experience in China's beverage market, the Italian said that the tailor-made video clip for the country, one which visualizes flowers, fruits and nuts capsulized into aluminum containers would instead be more appealing to the consumers in the country.......


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