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Dec 29, 2016

Nestlé savoring Yunnan coffee market boom as demand rises

来源:China Daily

Yunnan coffee
A technician at the Nestle Coffee Center in Pu'er, Yunnan province, tests coffee quality.
Photos Provided To China Daily

Pu'er, where one of the most famous Chinese tea varieties grows, is now gradually expanding into Arabica beans and building itself into China's coffee capital.

Having only been introduced to the land around 100 years ago, coffee is generally considered a foreign drink in China. It is usually associated with Western brands such as Starbucks, Costa Coffee, Dunkin' Donuts and Nestle sachets.

But to many people's surprise, Yunnan province in Southwest China has been slowly building up its coffee bean empire since the 1980s. It has become a rising bean supplier in both the domestic and international markets.

According to Nestle, one of the world's biggest coffee producers, Yunnan is now able to supply all the coffee products in the Chinese market, including soluble coffee drinks and Nespresso capsules, with its high-quality Arabica beans.



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